Are you using 3M Reflective Material?

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We receive so many questions about our reflective prints and one of the most frequent questions is:

Do you use 3M for your prints?

For those who don’t know what 3M is, 3M is a global innovation company which offers a variety of products among many other things, including reflective material. This material is called 3M Scotchlite Reflective Material and is often used for safety clothing, work clothing, sports clothing, etc.

This material reflects direct light and can protect you in the dark, at work, or during your night run for example. The Material is thick and can be screen printed on textiles. 3M Reflective Material is only available in silver.

What we use creates the same effect but our prints are much subtler than the 3M material. The best thing about it: You can print it in many different colors.

The reflective prints do not differ from conventional prints except, of course, that our prints reflect in direct light. This means: You can use it in fashion! It’s comfortable to wear and not stiff at all, in contrast to the thick 3M material.

Our shareholder holds an international patent on our unique technology to print on textiles, which is obviously distinct from 3M =).

Are you curious now?

LauraAre you using 3M Reflective Material?